So here’s to 2015 and Reflection


The week building up to Christmas is inevitably a period of havoc and activity in tying up loose ends at work and last minute sprints around Oxford Street for many, however they are also a time for serious reflection. During the busy periods in one’s life, it is incredibly easy to become wrapped up in the present and lose sight of the bigger picture, forgetting your accomplishments and hard-fought victories. Never lose sight of these wins, they provide us with the energy to overcome difficulties and tackle new opportunities in the future.

So do make sure that you take time to block out the noise and reflect, we certainly will be.

So here’s to 2015, a brilliant year for us at Princedale Partners where we’ve gained some fantastic new people and said goodbye to some close friends. A year where we completed some great leadership searches yet experienced even greater pleasure from completing the difficult ones. A year where we expanded our reach internationally and added more strings to our bow within Fintech and our burgeoning Product & Technology expertise. Most importantly, we’re proud of achieving significant business growth whilst sticking to our ethics, treating others and our own people with respect and providing real value to our clients.

From everyone at Princedale, have a Merry Christmas and congratulations for all of this year’s achievements.