The Launch of our specialist FinTech practice


“We’re living in a transformational era for financial services. Our children will look back at these past decades and laugh at how we banked”.

Bradley Leimer Head of Innovations at Santander.

The evolution of financial services that we see today will have an enormous impact on the way we interact with and perceive one of our most ‘valued’ assets – money. Improved technology and access to it has enabled anyone with a computer and internet connection to build potentially game changing digital products. Banking in particular used to be confined to the wealthy elite which meant that they rarely, if ever, focused on providing a customer led product or experience. Things have changed significantly and as a result, the way we handle and view money has changed forever.

Over the past five years, $49.7 billion has been invested globally in ‘FinTech’, close to $10 billion of which has been in Europe alone (Business Insider, 2015). Furthermore, London has established itself as a global hub for FinTech with the UK being the leading Hub in Europe. Innovation has taken place across P2P lending, Investing, Payments, Foreign Exchange, Remittances, Consumer Banking and Financial Software, however, an estimated 90% of the financial services sector has yet to be disrupted (BBA, 2015). That leaves many untapped opportunities…

I joined Rupert Jupp and the team at Princedale Partners to grow their FinTech and Financial Services practice as I am excited at playing a key role in enabling these disruptive businesses identify and engage the world’s best Digital talent. Similar to the FinTech industry, Princedale set out to disrupt by changing the way businesses find talent through a tailored, transparent and creative approach which has led to us working with some of the most recognisable consumer brands in the world.

Due to the enormous positive impact that I perceive FinTech will have on the global economy, from a consumer’s perspective, I’m excited to be a part of it. Over the coming months you will be hearing a lot more from us as we delve deep into the challenges that businesses are facing with regards to attracting the best talent; retaining the best talent; understanding what the right talent solutions are; and what talent resources will be required in the future. I will be lending my own views on these issues and discussing them with some of the current and future leaders in the industry.

Watch this space…

Matthew Parker
Consultant – Leadership appointments in Fintech and Financial Services (Europe).


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